The Stinging Fly is a Dublin-based print magazine and small press. Our mission is to seek out, nurture, publish and promote the very best new writers and new writing.

The Stinging Fly magazine

We currently publish two issues of the magazine each year. Each issue contains 240 pages of short fiction, poetry, essays and author interviews. We have a particular interest in publishing new writers and in promoting the short story. 

We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds. 

We believe that a proactive approach to diversity and inclusivity is important in redressing imbalances of representation and diversity, both in the pages of our magazine and in the wider cultural landscape in which we all work and create. As such, we strongly encourage submissions by writers from underrepresented areas of society.

We will publish a special issue dedicated to poetry in May 2022. Submissions for this issue are open during the month of October 2021.

Read the call for submissions from poetry editor, Cal Doyle, here.

Please read our full submission guidelines here

The Stinging Fly Press

The Stinging Fly Press publishes single-author short-story collections and multiple-author anthologies. We are not seeking submissions for the press at the moment. If you have written a collection, we advise that you submit a story to the magazine to begin with.

"Our hope for the issue is that it opens new conversations and dialogues. New avenues and renewed avenues. We’re looking for poetry that allows multiple readings, poetry that reflects the world back to us in a new way, poetry that treats language like paint, poetry that treats language like language, poetry that reconfigures something in us, or something in the poem. We hope that the poetry issue will allow a momentary widening of a lens, rather than setting something in stone.We accept poems in English, poems in Irish, and poems translated into English."

Cal Doyle, Poetry Editor

Send up to three previously unpublished poems.

One  submission only. Include all your poems together in a single file. 

No restriction on length. 

(We are not looking to publish book-length poems but we are happy to consider extracts.)

The submission file should ideally be in Word doc or docx format.

The Stinging Fly