The Stinging Fly is a Dublin-based print magazine and small press. 

We currently publish two issues a year. Each one contains 224 pages of short fiction, poetry, essays and author interviews. We have a particular interest in publishing new writers and in promoting the short story. 

Magazine Submissions:

Our most recent open call for submissions was in January 2020. Submissions received during this period are currently being considered for our Summer 2020 issue, which will be published in May 2020.

Galway 2020 issue:

This year, we are also seeking submissions of short stories and poetry for a special issue to be published in association with Galway 2020 in November 2020. The second/final open submission round for this issue is open between February 17th and March 2nd 2020.

Read our full submission guidelines here

The Stinging Fly Press publishes single-author short-story collections and multiple-author anthologies. We are not seeking submissions for the press at the moment. If you have written a collection, we advise that you submit a story to the magazine to begin with.

Send 1-3 previously unpublished poems per submission.

Maximum length per poem: 60 lines.

Include all poems together in one single file.

Submission file should ideally be in Word doc or docx format.

Send one short story only. The story must be previously unpublished.

Maximum length: 6000 words.

Please use 1.5 or double line spacing, minimum font size: 12pt. 

Submission file should ideally be in Word doc or docx format.

The Stinging Fly