The Stinging Fly is a Dublin-based print magazine and small press. Our mission is to seek out, nurture, publish and promote the very best new writers and new writing.

The Stinging Fly magazine

We currently publish two issues of the magazine each year. We have a particular interest in publishing new writers and in promoting the short story. 

We currently accept submissions of short stories, essays, poems, novel extracts and excerpts from longer works of nonfiction.

We will next be open for general submissions from Monday November 13th until midnight Irish time on Tuesday November 28th. Submissions received during this period will be read for our Summer 2024 issue.

Please note we no longer accept simultaneous submissions.

The link for each submission round is available on our Submission Guidelines page during the submission period.

Before submitting work to us, please read our Submission Guidelines carefully.

The Stinging Fly Press

The Stinging Fly Press publishes single-author short-story collections and multiple-author anthologies. We are not seeking submissions for the press at the moment. If you have written a collection, we advise that you submit a story to the magazine to begin with.

Our New Translator’s Bursary is an annual award aiming to promote literary fiction in translation as well as the work of emerging literary translators.

This year, the bursary will focus on the languages and cultures of sub-Saharan Africa. African literature is extraordinarily rich and diverse, however only a very small fraction of it is translated into English. While entries are open to short stories from any language, we particularly welcome submissions from underrepresented languages  and by translators (including L2 translators) from underrepresented communities. 

Translators who submitted stories for the bursary in previous years  are welcome to do so again. 

As a guideline, the story should ideally run to no more than 4,000 to 5,000 words.

This year’s bursary is €1200. This includes the fee payable for publishing the translation. Where necessary, we will clear the underlying rights for the story and cover any payment owed to the original author or their publisher or agent.

All submissions must be received before midnight – Irish time – on Friday 3 November.

The Stinging Fly